Brennus Analytics joins the prestigious Microsoft AI Factory at Station F

Microsoft AI Factory is an amazing opportunity for Brennus Analytics to develop tech or research partnerships (with the Inria institute for instance).

It extends much further though, as we believe our role as an emerging AI champion is to reflect on the challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence. How can AI better contribute to the (much needed) digital transformation of companies? What are the limits that we – companies, individuals, governments – need to set to make the future appealing and not appalling?


Our participation in the community strengthens our partnership with Microsoft, initiated 18 months ago when we joined the BizSpark+ program. Our client data and servers are hosted on Microsoft Azure, a choice we have made from day 1 for security and availability purposes.


Finally, we intend to make the most of the community through best practice sharing, events and joint reflections with our fellow startups such as DCBrain, Recast.Ai or TellmePlus (just to name a few!).